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Enjoy Sophistication And Energy Efficiency With Our Revolving Door Operators

Are you seeking an entrance solution that combines functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency? Look no further than high-quality Revolving Doors. Designed to enhance traffic flow, make a bold architectural statement, and reduce energy consumption, our revolving door operators are the ideal choice for commercial, public, and high-traffic environments.

What is a revolving door operator?

A revolving door operator is an automated system that controls the rotation of a revolving door. It consists of motors, sensors, safety features, and control units to facilitate smooth and controlled entry and exit.

Why Choose Our Revolving Door Operators?

Superior Traffic Flow and Efficiency

Our revolving door operators are designed to optimize traffic flow and enhance entrance efficiency. By providing a continuous rotation, they accommodate a steady stream of people, minimizing congestion and improving overall entry and exit experience.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Our revolving door operators prioritize safety and security. They are equipped with advanced features such as speed control, anti-tailgating mechanisms, and emergency breakout functions to prevent unauthorized access, ensure controlled entry, and enhance building security.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Control

Our revolving door operators contribute to energy conservation and climate control. Their unique design helps reduce air infiltration, preventing drafts and minimizing heat loss or gain. This results in improved energy efficiency, reduced HVAC load, and potential energy cost savings.
Revovling Enhanced Security

Tailor-Made Revolving Door Operators For Your Facilities

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Durability and Low Maintenance

Our revolving door operators are built to withstand heavy usage and demanding environments. They are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, our products require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and overall operational costs.

Customization Options

We understand that each project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customization options for our revolving door operators. From different finishes and materials to varying sizes and configurations, we can tailor the product to seamlessly integrate with your architectural vision and design specifications.
Revoving Accessibility

Compliance with Safety Standards

Our revolving door operators adhere to industry safety standards and regulations. They are meticulously tested and certified, providing peace of mind that your building’s entrances meet the required safety codes and regulations.

Exceptional Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support. Our team of experts is available to assist you throughout the entire process, from product selection to installation and ongoing maintenance. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and delivering a seamless experience.

Upgrade Your Entrance with Our Revolving Door Operators

Ready to elevate the entrance of your building with our premium revolving door operators? Contact us today to explore our range of styles and customization options. Our experienced team will guide you through the selection process and provide expert advice tailored to your specific project requirements. Experience the perfect fusion of efficiency, elegance, and energy savings with our revolving door operators. Transform your entrance into a welcoming and sustainable gateway for all.

Backed by World Class Brands

Dormakaba Brand Logo
A global leader in access control solutions, Dormakaba has a wide range of innovative and reliable door locks that cater to various types of spaces and applications.
Assa Abloy
A pioneer in door hardware and access control, Assa Abloy offers a variety of door locks that combine advanced security, durability, and convenience.
A reputed brand that specializes in door automation solutions, FAAC offers a wide range of products and systems designed to enhance convenience, security, and accessibility in both residential and commercial settings.
Geze Brand
A renowned brand in door automation and control, Geze has a great collection of door locks that provide seamless integration with its access control and automation systems.

Reliable Revolving Doors Operators for Your Premises

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Sectors We Serve

At Stebilex, we take pride in serving a diverse range of sectors with our comprehensive door automation solutions. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, ensuring enhanced convenience, security, and accessibility. Here are some of the sectors we serve:
Commercial Buildings
Our door automation solutions are well-suited for commercial buildings, including office complexes, retail stores, shopping malls, and hospitality establishments.Our solutions can handle high traffic, provide secure access control, and enhance the overall experience for employees, customers, and visitors.
Healthcare Facilities
Door automation plays a critical role in healthcare settings, where seamless access and hygiene are essential. Our solutions are ideal for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers, allowing for hands-free operation, easy navigation for patients and medical staff, and integrating with infection control measures.
Schools, universities, and educational facilities benefit from the convenience and security provided by our door automation systems. From automated entrances to controlled access to specific areas, we offer solutions that promote safety and efficiency within educational environments.
Education Institutions
Our door automation solutions are equally applicable to residential properties, including apartment complexes, condominiums, and gated communities. We provide automated entry systems, garage door automation, and other solutions that enhance security and convenience for residents.
Residential Buildings
Government and Public Institutions
Government buildings, courthouses, libraries, and other public institutions can benefit from our door automation solutions. We offer secure access control, automated entryways, and customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of public sector environments.
Transportation Hubs
Airports, train stations, and bus terminals require robust door automation systems to handle high passenger volumes, ensure smooth flow, and maintain stringent security measures. Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of transportation hubs, providing efficient access control and reliable performance.
Industrial environments often require specialized door automation systems to facilitate efficient workflow, secure restricted areas, and withstand harsh conditions. Our solutions for industrial sectors include high-speed doors, industrial gate automation, and access control systems tailored to the specific needs of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers.
Industrial Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

How do revolving door operators improve traffic flow?
Revolving door operators optimize traffic flow by providing a continuous rotation, allowing a steady stream of people to enter and exit without congestion or bottlenecks. They are particularly effective in high-traffic areas, such as office buildings, hotels, airports, and shopping centers.
Are revolving door operators safe to use?
Yes, revolving door operators are designed with safety in mind. They feature sensors that detect the presence of users and prevent the door from closing too quickly or forcefully. Additionally, emergency breakout functions allow for quick and safe evacuation in case of an emergency.
Can revolving door operators be integrated into existing revolving doors?
Yes, revolving door operators can often be retrofitted into existing revolving doors. This allows for an upgrade to automation while retaining the aesthetic and functional aspects of the existing door system. However, the feasibility of retrofitting may depend on the specific design and condition of the door.
How do revolving door operators contribute to energy efficiency?
Revolving door operators minimize air infiltration, preventing drafts and maintaining a more stable indoor environment. By reducing the exchange of air between the interior and exterior, they help improve energy efficiency, reduce heating and cooling costs, and enhance climate control within the building.
Can revolving door operators be customized to suit specific design requirements?
Yes, many revolving door operators offer customization options. These may include finishes, materials, sizes, and configurations to seamlessly integrate with the architectural vision and design of the building. Customization allows for a tailored solution that meets specific project requirements.
What is the maintenance required for revolving door operators?
Revolving door operators typically require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This may include lubrication of moving parts, inspection of sensors and safety features, and periodic servicing by trained technicians. Regular maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment and ensures smooth operation.
Are revolving door operators compliant with safety standards and regulations?
Yes, reputable revolving door operators adhere to safety standards and regulations. They undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure compliance with industry-specific safety codes. When choosing revolving door operators, it is essential to select products from trusted manufacturers that prioritize safety.

Intelligent Revolving Door Operators for Impressive Entrances

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